3S seat

3S seat

3S / 3Sw seatMonocoque design of this seat guarantees pleasant ergonomic experience for the user, and advanced safety, installation, and maintenance advantages to the owner.

3S seat was designed to prevent hiding of contraband of any type beneath any portion of the seat, while allowing investors to achieve unprecedented savings in total cost of ownership by reducing the installation costs by about 45%.

Seats are fixed to the concrete substrate with high tensile strength bolts. Patented overlapping fixation system ensures that each single-shell seat (save for the first and the last one in each row) is held at 4 points with only 2 bolts! That is close to 50% savings in installation hardware alone! This ensures compact and safe fixation of entire row of seats.

Added benefit is lower maintenance costs as the seat is designed to eliminate the empty space where debris can accumulate.

Extremely popular and versatile choice of many regional stadiums.

Dimensions in mm.


  • width 430
  • height 310
  • depth 410
  • axial distance (fix) 480
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This type of coating is used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Rest assured, when you specify this finish, you have at your disposal over 6,000 colors from RAL®, Pantone® or NCS® color systems.

All our seating products can be custom-made for your specific project. You can choose any color from these color systems:

You can also request polymer additives to address specific needs of your project:

  • UV (ultra violet)
  • FR (flame retardant)
  • ASA (anti-static additive)
We use Hot dip zinc galvanizing method to impart long-term corrosion protection to steel seating components by means of coating it with molten zinc. It has been around for 150 years and has been tried and tested in outdoor applications.