For over forty years Predrag Peshovich, our founder, has been involved in mold making and plastics processing. Running as a private entity for close to 30 years, Alatnica Peshovich has been active in mold making, plastics injection molding, contract manufacturing, and assembly of a diverse spectrum of products. In 2002, we changed our name to RPC (Product Development Center) Peshovich to reflect the growing scope of the services we offer.

We have been a focus of numerous TV interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, and recipient of over 30 international awards, including knighting of CEO Predrag Peshovich by Belgian Royal Emissary for lifelong contribution to innovation, design and quality. In August of 2002 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) awarded our owner the Certificate for Outstanding Invention for advanced molding technology used in our new line of sanitary fixtures.

In a nutshell, we have vision to conceive the product, technical ability to produce that vision, and the capability to manufacture and bring it to market.

We hope that this brief summary will give you an idea about our highly skilled and experienced team who can handle all your product development and manufacturing needs.

We have a tradition of making high-quality, award-winning products. Let us do the same for you.