About us

We are a state of the art injection mold maker and processor of simple and complex multi-material plastics based products. We integrate product development, mold making, molding, and manufacturing processes to meet your quality and cost objectives in record time. We provide design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly as well as warehousing of finished goods.

We can produce your high quality technical and aesthetic parts from standard and high performance polymers (filled with glass fibers, minerals, glass beads, mineral beads, carbon fiber, teflon). We can competently and affordably process PA, PC, PPA, PPO, POM, TPU, TPS, TPEE and many others. We specialize in small to medium runs with frequent mold changes.

We have considerable expertise in plumbing and sanitary industry with processing materials in contact with drinking water and associated requirements posed by the BgVV, DVGW, w270, FDA, NF and others.

Should your needs call for operations around the clock (24/7/365) we can accommodate you. You can count on confidential molding of proprietary products and our utmost discretion.

We would like to extend an open invitation to our facilities. Come and meet us and see how you can obtain competitive pricing without going to the far east. Benefit from the lower VAT rates due to preferential EUR-1 treatment of products manufactured in Serbia.

Contact us today to discuss ways to lower your total manufacturing costs.