Product development

In general, there are seven steps which comprise the key elements of new product development. Due to compression of development time cycles, it is no longer advised to follow a sequential, step-by-step approach. The steps remain instrumental in highlighting the information input and decisions which must be made in order to successfully develop new products.

Traditional product development steps:

  1. Idea generation / ideation
  2. Screening
  3. Concept development and testing
  4. Business analysis
  5. Product and marketing mix development
  6. Market testing
  7. Commercialization

New product development has become fast paced and super competitive. Smart managers have realized that the traditional, sequential approach to developing new products will no longer work in the new economy. Instead, they adopted a more flexible, holistic product development strategy where our development team works in unison with your personnel to reach your project goals.

We bring to the table dynamite talent for ideation, crisp 3D design and modelling, expertise and experience with standard and advanced polymers. Our advisory services include mold fill analysis and utilization of up to date CAD/CAM/CAE programs.

Let us know what can we make for your today.

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